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The feature tour provides a quick glimpse inside the workings of OneCNC, from modeling your own parts or imported parts through to posting of machine code. If you need CAM software, then you need a OneCNC CAD/CAM solution. Find out why, click below to start a tour.

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OneCNC Mill: Feature Tour

OneCNC Mill Provides a wide rande of capabilities in 3, 4 and 5 axis machining from manual tool-path creation and editing to fully automated Hole Feature Based Maachining. The programming flexability extends to a comprehensive range of roughing and finishing options that can be applied to any type of geometry. Multi Axis is the ultimate tool for full 4 and 5 axis positional and 5 axis simultaneous machining of parts.



OneCNC Lathe: Feature Tour

OneCNC Lathe provides a complete solution that is very easy to use on simple programs and capable enough to tackle your toughest geometry. Fast efficient metal removal and finishing of your parts exatly how they should be. The Mill Turn module additions have all the components needed to effectively program Mill Turn combination maches.




OneCNC Wire EDM: Feature Tour

OneCNC Wire EDM provides a compehensive solutin for programming 2-4 axis Wire EDM machines. A wide range of wire operations are proveded, including multi-pass closed shape, open shape, with specialist settings for wire reversing and area removal. OneCNC Wire EDM provides post processor support for major Wire EDM machien manufactures such as Fanuc, Sodick, Ard, Brother, Agie, Mitsubishi and Charmilles.




OneCNC Profiler: Feature Tour

OneCNC Profiler system is specially designed to automate the programming of sheet metal cutting machines. This includes Oxycut, Plasma, Laser, Water Jet and Router type CNC machines. OneCNC Profiler is the result of many years of experince in collaboration with both manufacturers and users of these tpes of machines.